Children holding banner for NS Parents for Teachers

About Nova Scotia Parents for Teachers

Nova Scotia Parents for Teachers launched as a Facebook group in October 2016. The goal of the group is to provide parents, grandparents and other Nova Scotians’ who support the Teachers, a safe environment to discuss the ongoing dispute with the Nova Scotia Government, voice their concerns and opinions and have fruitful discussion through a respectful and meaningful debate, on all issues around the dispute.

By the time, of the first press conference on November 3, 2016 announcing the group, it had already grown to several hundred members. The membership has grown to over 20,000 members to date. We are a partisan group who unabashedly support the NSTU and the students of this province.

On February 21, 2017, the Nova Scotia Liberal Majority Government passed Bill 75, legislating a contract on Nova Scotia’s Teachers. All Liberal MLA’s voted in favour of the Bill, while all Conservative and New Democrat MLA’s, and the lone Dartmouth East, independent MLA Andrew Younger, voted against Bill 75. The passage of the Bill does nothing to immediately fix classroom conditions, nor do we know how the deplorable conditions in which our Teachers and students now survive, will even be addressed.

The only thing Bill 75 achieved, was to take away the collective bargaining rights of Nova Scotia’s 9300 Teachers. The saved $3.4 million dollars from a one day strike by Nova Scotia Teachers, the very first in 122 years of the NSTU history, was then squandered by the Nova Scotia Government, on road trips, uniforms and extra curricular activities. We continue to have grave concerns about the way in which the Provincial Government and the School Boards are handling the Education System in Nova Scotia.

Teachers protesting Bill 75

Supporting Our
Nova Scotia Teachers